LayerZero Is The Foundation Layer

LayerZero Power Systems designs high-reliability data center solutions, including Static Transfer Switches, Remote Power Panels, and Power Distribution Units. LayerZero products are used in critical operations, such as in data centers, computer rooms, data processing centers, internet service providers, insurance companies, and semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

LayerZero producs are designed to increase power reliability.

The LayerZero Difference

Data Center Power Quality MonitoringWaveform Capture On All Devices

Made for data center safety Inspired by NFPA-70E

Connectivity Utilizing Open Protocols

LayerZero is designed for maximum reliability 10X Higher Reliability Than Industry Standard

Ten Reasons Why You Need LayerZero In Your Data Center
LayerZero Provides Power Reliability Solutions For Data Centers

"LayerZero is a complete power distribution solution from the UPS output to the server rack."

Providing premium power distribution solutions for the data center market since 2001, LayerZero has established a reputation for designing high reliability cabinet-based power distribution solutions, including Static Transfer Switches (STS), Power Distribution Units (PDUs), and Remote Power Panels (RPPs).

Static Transfer Switches

LayerZero Static Transfer Switches switch power between multiple sources very quickly (under 1/4 electrical cycle).

Static Transfer Switches

Power Distribution Units

LayerZero Power Distribution Units are all-in-one cabinets with built in Static Switches, Transformers, and Panel Boards.

Power Distribution Units

Remote Power Panels

LayerZero Remote Power Panels distribute electrical power, and enable web-enabled real-time power quality monitoring functionality.

Remote Power Panels

LayerZero products are very different. Contact LayerZero Power Systems to learn how you can increase your data center power power reliability.

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